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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Since start of business in 1981, the Company philosophy has been to produce commonly used medicines of World-Class Quality and make them available to public in general at very reasonable and affordable prices. We believe this is our basic social responsibility which we have followed consistently.

As part of our business development and social responsibilities, we have alsotrained and developed our employees throughout India, provided free medicines to suffering humanity from time to time, given educational assistance to needy students, sponsored skill development programs for poor rural and urban youth and supported healthcare activities of several charitable/social organisations.

We now propose to continue and expand our socially desirable activities as follows

We now propose to continue and expand our socially desirable activities as follows


Participate & Support

Participate and actively support various healthcare/welfare activities for poor and needy people at reputed charitable institutions and community welfare centres.


Encourage and motivate

Encourage and motivate the college education of several poor, needy and better students so that they can excel in their career ambitions and become valuable assets to their own families and society in general.


Skill Development

Support recognized NGOs and institutions engaged in skill development of youth in rural and urban areas so that these young men and women can have useful productive employment for their own happiness and for the good of society in general.


Girl Child Welfare

Support reputed NGOs and institutions engaged in poor girl-child and women welfare so that they become valuable social assets and get empowered to make worthy contributions for economic and social progress.


Better Environment

Contribute to environmental improvements and character-building activities, wherever possible, for general social good and for enhancing the quality of life.


Promote rural sports

Training to promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, paralympic sports and Olympic sports.

Each of our programs will be carefully measured and suitably monitored to ensure that the intended benefits are delivered to the targeted communities and wherever required, we will provide the necessary guidance and advice to improve delivery.
This Policy is subject to periodical review and changes in line with the statutory requirements and to enhance the social benefits to the maximum possible extent.